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Bid farewell to the frustration of claim denials and billing errors. Let Shark MBS simplify your dental billing with precision and efficiency.

Incorporating Industry Best Practices for Top-Tier Dental Billing & Coding Services

As a dental service provider, navigating the ever-changing policy regulations can be challenging. But fret not! With Shark MBS dental billing company by your side, we make your billings a breeze. Our expert coders select appropriate codes from real-life surgical cases that ensure accurate billing and coding. 

Running a dental practice can feel like a toothache, but don’t let managing your bills add to the pain. Our dental billing experts help you conquer even the toughest challenges. We assist you in reducing denials, improving collections, and staying compliant with regulations. With Shark MBS on your side, you’ll easily navigate the intricate world of dental billing.

At Shark MBS, our mission is to revolutionize dental billing. We leverage cutting-edge technology and data-driven solutions to achieve your financial goals. Our experts follow strict coding guidelines and best practices, ensuring minimal claim denials and increasing your revenue potential.

Join the Shark MBS Dental Billing Revolution and Ride the Wave of Success

Medical billing codes can be complex and ever-changing, making it challenging for healthcare practitioners to keep pace. But don’t worry; at Shark MBS, we understand these challenges and are here to help with our top-notch dental billing services. Our team of experts stays up-to-date with the latest changes, ensuring that your practice runs seamlessly.

Improved Office

Outsource your dental billing services to Shark MBS and witness a remarkable boost in your office efficiency. Our dental billing experts are here to handle your billing effectively. You'll have more time to focus on providing top-notch patient care and growing your practice.

Minimized Administrative Expenditure

Let Shark MBS reduce your administrative costs and enhance revenue. Partnering with Shark MBS means no need to hire and train extra staff for billing tasks. Say goodbye to the stress of covering employee benefits, payroll taxes, and office space expenses. With Shark MBS, you only pay for the services you use, freeing up resources for other vital areas of your practice.

Streamlined Billing

Shark MBS is all about dental billing services. Our super-efficient process guarantees accurate and on-time billing. We use cutting-edge technology and software to simplify billing and ensure accurate claims submission. Hence reducing the chances of dealing with claim denials and annoying delays. By outsourcing your dental billing services to Shark MBS, you can streamline your billing process and maximize your profits.

Reduce Denials and
Improve Cash Flow

You can maximize your profits by partnering with Shark MBS for your dental billing needs. Our team's extensive knowledge of insurance billing complexities ensures that reimbursements are optimized for the greatest return. Working with Shark MBS can increase your collections, reduce denials, and improve your cash flow. Hence leading to increased profits and a more financially sound practice.

Enhance Time For Primary Medical Responsibilities

Quality patient care should be at the forefront of every dentist's mind. Outsourcing your dental billing services to Shark MBS can free up your time and allow you to focus on what you do best. Focusing on this can increase patient satisfaction and retention, leading to a more prosperous practice.

Scalable Cost

Partnering with Shark MBS can help you save 30-40% on operational costs. By outsourcing your dental billing services, you no longer have to worry about hiring and training additional staff members or investing in expensive billing software and hardware. Shark MBS provides affordable billing services, and you only pay for the services you use.

Delivering Financial Benefits to Your Practice: Our Comprehensive Dental Billing System

Dental billing is vital to any practice but can be tedious and time-consuming. At Shark MBS, we understand this and are here to help. We offer exceptional dental billing services to simplify your revenue cycle. Our expert billing services help you achieve your revenue growth goals.

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Billing System Evaluation

Our experts will carefully assess your billing systems, processes, and procedures. We identify areas for improvement to make your billing practices more efficient and error-free. With our assessment, we aim to streamline your billing practices, minimize errors, and ultimately boost your revenue cycle management.

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Patient EligilibityVerification

We understand the complexities of verifying patient insurance information. Our team of experts is here to help you! We'll check patient eligibility for dental services and ensure accurate claims submission. This way, we can minimize claim rejections, delays, and appeals. Hence providing a smooth billing experience.

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Charge Capture Service

Our expert team ensures we accurately capture all diagnoses, CPT codes, and other essential information. Our dental billing expertise ensures your practice receives proper reimbursement for all your valuable services.

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Effiecent Claim Filing

We submit your claims electronically to ensure the quickest turnaround time possible. This way, we can minimize errors, delays, and other problems in manual billing systems. Our goal is to provide you with a seamless and hassle-free experience.

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Denial and Rejection Management

Our expert team reviews and analyzes all denials and rejections to ensure accurate processing. We will promptly resubmit an appeal on your behalf if there are any discrepancies. Hence aiming to recover any potential missed revenue.

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Account Receivable Follow-up

We closely monitor the status of your accounts receivable and take quick action to resolve any issues. At our dental billing company, we streamline your cash flow so that you receive timely reimbursements.

Transform Your Dental Billing Headaches into a Breeze with Shark MBS

Dealing with medical billing complexities can feel overwhelming. But fret not with Shark MBS, and it’s a breeze! Our team of experts will give you a competitive edge and help your Dental practice center shine.

At Shark MBS, we take pride in our ability to spot specific dental practice billing codes that can boost your revenue. With our expertise, you can rest assured that you will receive all potential reimbursements. Our dental billing company supports you in lightening the burden of medical billing. Hence, you can focus on what you do best – providing exceptional dental care.


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Can You assist with credentialing and contracting?

At Shark MBS, Our team assists you with every step of credentialling and making solid contracts with insurance providers. Hence optimizing your revenue cycle management and boosting your bottom line.

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How does Shark MBS handle dental claims that require pre-authorization?

Shark MBS can assist with managing dental claims that require pre-authorization. Our team will work with the insurance company to obtain the necessary pre-authorization and ensure the claim is submitted correctly for payment.

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How long does Shark MBS process dental claims take?

Claim complexity and insurance company processing times are two factors that may affect the processing times for dental claims through Shark MBS. Nevertheless, our team works tirelessly to process claims promptly and accurately to ensure timely payment.

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Can Shark MBS help my dental practice with patient billing and collections?

Shark MBS can assist with patient billing and collections. Our team can handle patient billing inquiries and work to collect outstanding balances to improve your practice's revenue cycle management.

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How does Shark MBS handle changes to billing codes or regulations?

Shark MBS stays up-to-date with changes to billing codes and regulations and ensures compliance by updating our policies and procedures. Our team will work to ensure that your practice is using the most up-to-date billing codes and complying with any changes to regulations.

How does Shark MBS approach billing disputes with insurance companies?

Shark MBS has a track record of handling billing disputes with insurance companies. Our team will analyze the situation and resolve the disagreement as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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