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Reduce your accounting and administrative expenses with Shark MBS. Our comprehensive mental health billing services are tailor-made to boost your overall profitability.

Say Goodbye to Cookie-Cutter Billing Solutions and Hello to Our Tailored Approach

As a mental health service provider, your dedication lies in providing the best possible care. However, the billing process is full of complications, often becoming a significant barrier to success. That’s where our billing experts steps in. We fully understand the unique challenges of mental health billing. Our team will help you navigate the billing process with ease. Hence ensuring you receive the rightful reimbursement.

Shark MBS offers top-notch mental health billing solutions that boost efficiency and profitability. Our billing specialists will handle all the paperwork and update you on the latest regulations. With us, you can focus on making a splash in your mental health practice!

At Shark MBS, we ensure you receive payment for all your services. Our platform enables providers to submit claims electronically and receive payments directly from insurance companies. Hence eliminating the need for tedious paperwork and reducing administrative burdens.

Our Proven Process to Simplify Mental Health Billing

You can easily count on Shark MBS to navigate the complexities of mental health billing! Our team possesses a deep understanding of complex coding and insurance regulations, and we are committed to collaborating with your staff to ensure a comprehensive comprehension of your clinical processes.

Here are the steps
we take

Verification of Insurance

Our initial mental health billing step is insurance coverage verification for patients, working with insurers to confirm eligibility, benefits, and mental health service coverage. Doing this ensures correct billing and detects any limitations or requirements affecting reimbursement.

Documentation Review

Our following process is reviewing the documentation for each mental health service provided. We carefully evaluate the patient's medical record to ensure it contains all necessary information, such as diagnosis, treatment plan, and progress notes. We also authenticate that the service was medically necessary and coded accurately to reflect the care level provided

Claim Submission

Our subsequent step is submitting claims to the insurance company for reimbursement after verification and documentation review. We use electronic claim submissions whenever possible to accelerate the billing process and minimize errors. We meticulously monitor each claim to verify proper processing and contact insurance companies to resolve any issues.

Payment Posting

After receiving payment from insurance companies, we post the cost to the patient's account in our billing system. We verify that the fee corresponds to the expected reimbursement based on the insurance company's payment policies and the provider's contracted rates. If there are any discrepancies, we investigate and take appropriate action to correct the error.

Denial Management

Occasionally, insurance companies may deny a claim for various reasons, such as incomplete documentation or coding errors. Our team puts great effort into fixing the problem and resubmitting the claim when something like this occurs. We have a lot of experience handling denials to get our clients the maximum reimbursement possible.

Achieve Financial Efficiency With Our Mental Health Billing Services

Maintaining mental health billing and insurance requirements can be a constant challenge. But fear not – with Shark MBS by your side, you’ll always be ahead of the curve. Our team boasts the expertise and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities.

Managing mental health billing effectively requires ample experience. At Shark MBS, we’ve offered top-notch mental health billing services for years. Our goal is to help you navigate coding changes hassle-free. That way, you can focus on what truly matters: providing the best care possible for your patients.

At Shark MBS, we genuinely understand mental healthcare providers’ challenges regarding revenue cycles. We provide specialized revenue cycle management solutions that maximize cash flow and minimize denials. Trust Shark MBS to handle your billing needs efficiently and accurately.

Simplify Your Mental Health Practice: Choose Shark MBS for Billing Needs

Stop worrying about billing and coding, and start focusing on your patients. Shark MBS is the medical billing company you can trust to handle all your mental health billing needs accurately and efficiently.

Mental health billing is a complex process, but with Shark MBS, it doesn’t have to be—our expert billing professionals stay up-to-date with the latest coding knowledge. Hence enabling us to ensure the utmost accuracy for all your claims.

Mental health billing is an area of expertise for our team. And we comprehensively understand its details. We have the essential knowledge to manage even the most complex inpatient stays. Trust our mental health billing services to get the job done right.


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How Do You Ensure Compliance?

Shark MBS prioritizes data security and privacy and ensures compliance with all HIPAA regulations. We have rigorous policies and procedures in place to protect patient information.

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What kind of mental health billing services do you offer?

We have extensive experience handling group therapy, psychiatric evaluations, and medication management. Our expert team always stays up-to-date with the latest coding guidelines and ensures accurate billing..

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How do You Handle Claim Denials?

A: Shark MBS has an expert team for denial management. Our experts thoroughly investigate the reasons behind claim denial and work closely with insurance companies to resolve the issue.

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How do You Handle Patient Queries?

Here at Shark MBS, we take care of all your billing inquiries promptly and with a personal touch. Our customer support team assists you in resolving any concerns you may have.

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How Does Shark MBS maintain Communication with Providers?

At Shark MBS, we keep you in the loop with regular reports and updates on your practice's financials. We support you throughout the process from revenue and expenses to outstanding payments.

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