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Empower your OB-GYN services with our top-notch financial expertise. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest healthcare trends, ensuring we provide the best solutions.

Applying Industry-Standard Best Practices to OB/GYN Billing & Coding Services

OB/GYN providers face several challenges. We are here to help with policy regulations, ICD code updates, and the nature of their specialty. At Shark MBS, our certified coders expertly select codes from real surgical cases. Our experts also provide training to prevent errors.

Our team works to prevent claim denials and maximize reimbursements for OB/GYN providers. With streamlined processes, we reduce billing time and ensure authenticity.

Shark MBS follows rigorous coding guidelines and uses the latest technology. Our team focuses on data-driven solutions that minimize claim denials and boost revenue.

Ride the Wave of Success with Shark MBSOB/GYN Billing and Coding Services

Medical billing codes are challenging due to intricate nuances and yearly updates. Shark MBS, an OB-GYN billing services company, comes to your rescue. We are offering certified coders services and advanced technology to reduce costly mistakes.

Increased Revenue and Fewer Claim Denials

Outsourcing OB-GYN billing and coding services holds many benefits. Our services help boost revenue, decrease claim denials, and ensure error-free payment.

Expertise in Medical Billing and Coding

By outsourcing your OB-GYN billing, you get assistance from certified medical billing and coding experts. Our team uses up-to-date knowledge, which guarantees precise billing and timely payment.

Focus on Patient Care

Outsourcing Gynecology billing allows your medical practice to focus on delivering patient care. Our team will manage billing and coding responsibilities.

Reduction in Overhead Costs

Outsourcing your OB-GYN billing services reduces overhead costs. Shark MBS, OB-GYN will eliminate the need for in-house billing staff, billing software, and technology.

Access to Advanced Technology and Processes

Outsourcing provides access to advanced technology. Shark MBS, an OB-GYN billing services company, uses the latest technology.


An OB/GYN billing company will offer customized services tailored to your medical practice's needs. This can include everything from coding and billing to denial management.

Peace of

By outsourcing OB-GYN billing services, customers feel peace of mind. Shark MBS ensures that your medical practice is in good hands.

From Verification to Posting: Our End-to-End OB/GYN Billing Process

At Shark MBS, we understand the challenges of managing OB/GYN billing. We know OB/GYN billing responsibilities divert your attention from patient care. We offer comprehensive OB-GYN billing services to support revenue growth.

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Eligibility and Benefits

Before submitting claims, we check patient eligibility and benefits for OB/GYN services. Our team reviews insurance plans and assesses financial obligations. We also make necessary modifications if needed.

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Patient Demographics and
Charge Entry

Our next step involves checking patient demographics and charge entry. Accurate patient demographics are crucial. Our charge entry services team ensures proper data entry to minimize rejections. We promptly record payments and handle denials effectively.

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Claim Submission

After verifying eligibility and benefits and entering the patient demographics and charges, we submit the claim to the insurance company. We ensure the claim is submitted electronically to provide a faster turnaround time.

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Account Receivable Follow-Up

At Shark MBS, we recognize the significance of timely follow-up to avoid having no claim on file due to rejections or any other reason. Our team conducts follow-ups on each claim after 15 days of submission, and this process is continued until the insurance company makes a final determination.

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Denial Management

Unfortunately, claim denials can cause significant losses for healthcare providers. Count on our OB-GYN billing services team for excellent denial management that meets your needs. Our OB/GYN billing team's extensive experience enables them to be well-versed in MACRA and know how to handle any potential denial on OB/GYN practice billing.

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Payment Posting

With Shark MBS, you can focus on patient care while we efficiently handle your OB/GYN billing. Upon receipt of the EOB/ERA, our team promptly records payments. We forward the claims to the denial management team if there is any denial. We will bill the patient for any patient responsibilities assigned by the insurance company.

Save Time and Boost Revenue with Simplified OB/GYN Billing from Shark MBS

Managing medical billing for an OB/GYN practice is a hectic task. OB/GYN billing requires expertise to perform OB/GYN-specific procedures. Most women seek primary care from their OB/GYN provider. A billing partner like Shark MBS familiar with your practice’s unique needs is crucial. We use accurate resources and methods that reduce claim denials and revenue leakage. Shark MBS specializes in OB-GYN billing and revenue cycle management. Our expertise and advanced technology ensure efficient billing. We focus on reducing claim denials and improving patient collections.


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What does Shark MBS do for OB/GYN billing?

Shark MBS provides various OB-GYN billing services, including coding and billing audits. We also provide insurance verification, claim submission, and follow-up.

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How does Shark MBS follow HIPAA regulations?

Shark MBS ensures compliance with HIPAA regulations by offering HIPAA-compliant billing services. We transmit patient data electronically and adhere to privacy policies.

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How do you handle billing for Medicaid and Medicare patients in OB/GYN?

Handling billing for Medicare patients requires attention to program-specific rules. Shark MBS has extensive OB-GYN Billing services to handle billing for these patients. We focus on accurate claim submissions to avoid denials.

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Can you help with insurance verification for OB/GYN services?

Yes, we provide insurance verification services to ensure patients are covered for the services they receive. Our approach reduces claim denials and promotes timely payments.

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What are the common causes for claim denials in OB/GYN billing?

Claim denials in OB/GYN billing can occur for specific reasons. Primary causes for claim denial include incorrect coding and missing or incomplete documentation. Our OB-GYN billing services team works to prevent these issues and minimize claim denials.

How do you manage patient billing and collections for OB/GYN services?

We offer comprehensive patient billing and collections services. We make sure of accurate invoicing and prompt payment collection. We also handle patient inquiries and billing disputes.

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