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Bid farewell to ophthalmology billing complexities! Join the league of progressive ophthalmologists who have opted for our revolutionary medical billing services.

Lighten Your Load: Simplify Ophthalmology Practice Management with Our Support

Are you struggling with the complexities of ophthalmology billing, causing a negative impact on your practice? We understand your challenges and offer reliable practice management services to help streamline your workflow, reduce paperwork, and improve patient relationships.

Running an ophthalmology practice is more than just providing quality care to your patients. You also need to navigate the complicated world of medical billing and coding. Let us help you gain a competitive edge in ophthalmology billing with our expert team.

Let Shark MBS take care of your ophthalmology billing worries. Our experienced team of specialists is equipped to navigate the intricacies of billing and coding, freeing your time to focus on providing superior patient care. Leave the billing side to us, and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your billing needs are in good hands.

Gain a Competitive Edge in Ophthalmology Billing with Shark MBS

Ready to take your ophthalmology practice to the next level? Look no further than Shark MBS. Outsourcing your ophthalmology billing services to us means you’ll enjoy a wealth of benefits, and we’ve compiled just a handful of them to showcase how partnering with us can help your business succeed.

Eliminate Hidden Costs and Reduce Overall Expenses

Are you tired of the hidden costs associated with in-house billing staff? Consider the annual salary and benefits, training expenses, and hardware/software costs required to manage your medical billing. By outsourcing your medical billing to Shark MBS, you can eliminate these expenses and streamline your billing process.

Faster Payments with
Expert Billing Services

Submitting claims is one thing, but managing denials and working through the billing process can slow down your payments. With Shark MBS, you get a team of expert billing professionals who can ensure a higher rate of initial claims acceptance, leading to faster payments.

Increase Clean Claims
and Save Time

Submitting accurate or complete information can lead to rejected claims, costing you time and money. Our Ophthalmology Billing Services providers can ensure your clean claim acceptance rate is above 95%, eliminating the need for time-consuming corrections down the line.

Reduce Rejected Claims
and Maximize Revenue

Rejected claims due to coding errors or inaccurate patient information can fall through the cracks if not addressed promptly. With Shark MBS, we closely monitor and correct denied claims within 24 hours to help maximize your revenue.

Appeal Denied Claims
with Expertise

Appealing every denied claim can be a waste of time and resources. Our billing staff has the expertise to know when to submit an appeal, helping you save precious time and resources.

Stay Up-to-Date with Changing Technology & Regulations

At Shark MBS, we understand that you should focus on providing your patients with the latest medical technology rather than implementing new billing software and workflows. Our Ophthalmology Billing Services team stays up-to-date with the latest billing technologies and regulations, saving you time and resources.

Ensure compliance with
shifting regulations

At Shark MBS, we understand how government billing regulations can be a hassle for your in-house staff. That's why we stay current with these regulations and ensure HIPAA compliance. We quickly learn and implement any necessary changes without disrupting your workflow.

Experience Hassle-Free Ophthalmology Billing with Shark MBS

Opthalmology billing codes can be complex, presenting a never-ending challenge. Yearly updates and intricate nuances can easily lead to costly mistakes. But fear not – Shark MBS, a top-tier ophthalmology billing services company, is here to lighten your load and ensure you stay ahead of medical billing codes.

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Streamlined Demographic Entry & Insurance Verification

At Shark MBS, we handle everything from patient registration and data entry to insurance verification. Our team of experts ensures accuracy and efficiency throughout the process. You can trust us to capture all patient information and insurance coverage precisely.

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Ophthalmology-Specific Coding Expertise

Our team has extensive experience with ICD-10 ophthalmology codes. We make sure to use the correct diagnosis codes for each procedure. With our deep understanding of the field, we can help ensure accurate claims processing.

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Claims & Payment Management Made Easy

We handle all your payments and claims processing, freeing you up to concentrate on your patients' well-being. If any issues arise during claims submission, our expert Ophthalmology Billing Services team will promptly troubleshoot the problem.

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A/R Management & Denial Analysis

We know how crucial it is to get your reimbursements on time. That's why we carefully review denials and follow up on outstanding balances. Our team analyzes the root causes and suggests corrective steps to enhance your revenue cycle outcomes.

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Customized Patient Statements

Our team of billing experts will handle everything to ensure you have a stress-free experience. From sending patient statements and reminders of payment collection, we handle the entire process. With Shark MBS, you can be confident that your patients receive clear and accurate statements, enhancing their overall experience with your practice.

Take the Fast Lane to Ophthalmology Practice Success with Shark MBS Fueling Your Journey

Medical billing agencies may be abundant, but finding the right one for your ophthalmology practice can be challenging. Choose a superior provider like Shark MBS and end your billing struggles. You can expect better results and more efficient operations with our specialized ophthalmology billing services.

At Shark MBS, we are more than just a medical billing company. We are your reliable growth partners committed to building lasting relationships with our clients. Our focus on your long-term success sets us apart as trusted advisors, invested in your progress as a valued partner, not just a provider.


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What types of Ophthalmology billing services does Shark MBS handle?

Shark MBS handles billing for various Ophthalmology services, including routine eye exams, contact lens fitting, glaucoma testing, cataract surgery, and other eye-related treatments.

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How does Shark MBS ensure HIPAA compliance in ophthalmology medical billing Services?

Shark MBS is fully HIPAA compliant and ensures the privacy and security of patient information through strict adherence to HIPAA regulations and the use of secure technology.

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Can Shark MBS help with insurance verification for Ophthalmology services?

Yes, Shark MBS can help verify insurance coverage and benefits for Ophthalmology services, ensuring that patients receive the care they need while maximizing revenue for the practice.

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How does Shark MBS handle denied or rejected claims in Ophthalmology billing?

Shark MBS has a team of dedicated specialists who work to resolve denied or rejected claims, including appeals and resubmissions, to ensure maximum revenue for the practice.

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How does Shark MBS handle patient billing and collections for Ophthalmology services?

Shark MBS handles patient billing and collections for Ophthalmology services by sending statements, collecting payments, and working with patients to set up payment plans if necessary.

Can Shark MBS help with prior authorization for Ophthalmology services?

Yes, Shark MBS can help with prior authorization for Ophthalmology services by working with insurance companies to obtain pre-approval for treatments or procedures.

How does Shark MBS handle billing for Ophthalmology related prescription drugs?

Shark MBS handles billing for Ophthalmology-related prescription drugs by submitting claims to insurance companies and collecting co-pays or other patient payments as necessary.

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