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Supercharge your Psychiatry practice’s revenue with Shark MBS’ advanced Psychiatric billing services. Streamlining your billing process will take your profits to new heights with unparalleled efficiency.

Bid Farewell to Psychiatric Billing Complexity - Simplify with Ease

Psychiatry medical billing can be challenging, given the intricacies of mental health treatment and diverse insurance company regulations. Providers frequently invest time and effort in handling billing documentation, coding, claims processing, and payment follow-up.

Billing errors are a frequent occurrence due to the tedious and repetitive nature of this process, which can have serious consequences such as delayed payments, rejections, and a negative impact on your organization’s financial and healthcare aspects.

Shark MBS helps you overcome billing challenges. We offer specialized psychiatric billing services for healthcare providers. Our services include insurance verification, coding, claims submission, and payment collection. Trust us to deliver accurate billing processes and maximize payment results.

Optimize Your Revenue with Our Comprehensive Psychiatric Billing Services

Psychiatric billing can be overwhelming due to the complexity of mental health treatment and insurance restrictions. That’s where Shark MBS comes in. Our exceptional billing services provide a reliable and efficient solution for mental health providers.

Streamlined and Accurate Billing Processes

Say goodbye to the hassle of error-prone and tedious billing processes. Our expert billing team possesses the knowledge and expertise to deliver accurate billing processes. We guarantee efficient and accurate billing services, from insurance verification to claims submission.

Improved Financial Stability

At Shark MBS, we understand the importance of financial stability. Our expertise in payment collection ensures you receive timely and efficient payments. We provide financial stability for your practice by delivering top-notch billing solutions.

Accurate & Efficient Billing

Shark MBS's billing team has in-depth knowledge of psychiatric billing. We stay up-to-date with industry trends and regulations to provide the highest quality service. Trust us to handle your billing needs accurately and efficiently.

Hassle-Free Billing

Outsourcing your billing needs to Shark MBS eliminates billing hassles. We handle insurance verification and payment follow-up. At the same time, we are giving you more time for patients. You can focus on patient care knowing that Shark MBS manages your billing needs with precision and care.

Improved Patient Care

At Shark MBS, we improve your patient care by streamlining your billings. Our streamlined Psychiatry medical billing processes and efficient payment collection lead to increased financial stability, which means you have more resources for providing quality care to your patients.

Experience Smooth and Efficient Psychiatry Medical Billing with Our Expert Billing Solutions

Say goodbye to the never-ending medical billing struggle, and hello to Shark MBS! Our team will collaborate with yours to improve your clinical workflows and produce top-notch results. Don’t fight the fight any longer; let our billing process cover everything!

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Screening for Eligibility and Benefits

Verifying the eligibility and benefits of patients is a critical step before submitting any claims for psychiatric services. At Shark MBS, we ensure that each patient's insurance plan covers medical services by reviewing it carefully. We also calculate the patient's responsibilities, including co-pay, co-insurance, and deductible, and make any necessary updates to authorizations.

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Charge Entry and Patient Profile Update

Accurately entering patient demographics is the subsequent stage of our Psychiatry medical billing process. To prevent rejection or denial, we verify that patient information corresponds to the data in the insurance system. Moreover, our charge entry services team ensures that the correct charges from the superbill are entered to avoid payment discrepancies.

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We submit the claim to the insurance company after confirming eligibility, benefits, and precise inputting of patient demographics and charges. We submit the claim electronically to hasten the process, resulting in a faster turnaround time.

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Monitoring and Chasing Account Receivables

Timely follow-up is vital at Shark MBS to prevent no claim on file due to rejection or other reasons. Our Psychiatric billing services team ensures to follow up on every claim 15 days after submission, and we continue this follow-up cycle until the insurance company makes the final decision.

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Handling and Appealing Claim Denial

At Shark MBS, we recognize that claim denials can lead to significant losses for healthcare providers. That is why our Psychiatric billing services team provides top-tier denial management. With their extensive experience in Psychiatric billing, they are knowledgeable about MACRA and can handle any possible Psychiatry practice billing denial with the appropriate course of action.

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Tracking and Entering

Prompt payment posting is key to maximizing profits, and at Shark MBS, we ensure it. Our Psychiatry payment posting team works fast upon receipt of EOB/ERA, and any denied claims are directed to our denial management team. We also ensure that patients are billed appropriately for any responsibilities the insurance company requires.

Supercharge Your Revenue with Our Premium Psychiatry Billing Services

Are you fed up with AR denials and low collection rates in your psychiatry billing? The solution is simple – trust Shark MBS! Our exceptional psychiatric billing services promise a smooth-sailing experience and a surge in revenue for your practice.

Why settle for expensive medical billing services when you can have us at a fraction of the cost? As the preferred choice of psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychotherapists, our unbeatable pricing model and unparalleled commitment to client satisfaction make us stand out. Choose us now and experience sustainable success for years to come.


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How does Shark MBS ensure compliance with psychiatric billing regulations?

Shark MBS stays up-to-date with the latest billing regulations and requirements for psychiatric services, including HIPAA and Medicaid/Medicare guidelines. We keep our team up-to-date on compliance regulations through regular training at Shark MBS.

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Does Shark MBS handle insurance verification for psychiatric services?

Yes, Shark MBS can handle insurance verification to ensure that patients are eligible for psychiatric services and that their insurance coverage is active.

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In what ways can Shark MBS contribute to improving cash flow for wound care providers?

We optimize cash flow for wound care providers with billing services. Our team provides services that streamline processes, reduce denials, and ensure timely reimbursement. We offer personalized attention and use technology for revenue cycle management.

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Will you assist us in setting up and managing the fee schedule?

Absolutely! We can assist in creating fee schedules specific to your psychiatric services. Additionally, we align them with the latest industry regulations.

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Do you provide tailor-made solutions for our company?

At Shark MBS, we offer comprehensive to highlight your key performance indicators. Our reports cover everything from claim submissions and payment posting to denial rates and revenue cycle management.

What is your approach to ensure accuracy in psychiatric billing?

At Shark MBS, we take the accuracy of psychiatric billing seriously. Our billing specialists work tirelessly to ensure smooth and timely payments. We understand the importance of avoiding errors and inconsistencies. For that reason, we have a rigorous quality control process in place.

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