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Efficient and Comprehensive Medical Billing Services Chicago

Let Shark MBS be your ally for premium medical billing services in Chicago. As one of Chicago’s leading medical billing companies, we understand the complexities and challenges in managing their revenue cycle. We design tailor-made solutions to optimize your revenue and minimize administrative burdens. Shark MBS is your reliable partner, offering comprehensive medical billing services in Chicago. Our goal is to optimize revenue and reduce administrative burdens through specific solutions. Experience the difference as we unlock the potential of seamless billing, enabling you to focus on exceptional patient care.

Focus on Exceptional Patient Care

While Shark MBS handles your medical billing in Chicago

Achieve Financial Success with Top-Quality Medical Billing Services Chicago

At our medical billing company Chicago, we offer extensive solutions for your practice. Here is how we empower your healthcare facility:
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Claims Submission and Follow-up

Shark MBS specializes in medical billing in Chicago. Our experts are highly knowledgeable in the latest billing codes and regulations, allowing us to provide exceptional services. We utilize state-of-the-art software to ensure accurate and timely claims submission. Our meticulous follow-up process prioritizes prompt payment and minimizes denials. As a result, we optimize your reimbursement potential.
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Simplifying Payment Posting

Our expert team in Chicago manages your payments and reconciles them with the corresponding claims. We take a proactive approach, swiftly identifying and resolving any discrepancies or errors. Our top-notch medical billing services in Chicago streamline your payment procedures and enhance financial visibility
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Strategic Denial Management

Denials can have a significant impact on your revenue. However, our expert team will effectively handle them for you. We analyze the reasons behind denials and develop comprehensive strategies to minimize future occurrences. Additionally, we take care of appeals on your behalf, ensuring you receive the maximum reimbursement for our services.
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Comprehensive Patient Billing

Handling patient billing and collections can be a time-consuming and challenging task. Our expert team takes everything, from generating statements to following up on overdue accounts. We know how important it is to provide a seamless patient experience, so we offer patient-friendly payment options.
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Seamless Credentialling Solutions

At Shark MBS, our experts ensure you have the proper credentials and contracts with insurance companies, enabling you to benefit from insurance reimbursements fully. We streamline our billing process to secure your network participation. Consequently, we maximize your revenue potential.

Streamline Your Revenue Cycle With Shark MBS

At our medical billing company in Chicago, we take a collaborative approach to managing your revenue cycle. Our primary focus is building strong partnerships with our clients and deeply understanding your practice’s financials. We create tailor-made plans to boost your revenue while easing administrative burdens. At Shark MBS, we design our process to ensure transparency and accuracy. Here is what our step-by-step process looks like:
Medical Billing Services Chicago Consultation


During our thorough consultation, we’ll take the time to understand your unique requirements. We assess your current billing process to identify areas for improvement to enhance your revenue cycle. With our guidance, you can optimize your billing procedures and significantly boost your practice’s revenue.
Medical Billing Services Chicago Customization


Our billing experts carefully examine your billing process using our powerful software. We analyze your billings to find any error or inefficiency affecting your revenue cycle performance. Our main aim is to find areas of improvement and change our strategy accordingly.

Medical Billing Services Chicago Analysis


We believe in tailoring our approach to suit your unique requirements perfectly. Our expert team creates a tailor-made strategy that boosts your revenue cycle. We implement cutting-edge software to streamline your workflows and introduce optimizations. Our main aim is to optimize your revenue cycle and increase overall efficiency.
Medical Billing Services Chicago Implementation


Our billing experts take care of the entire billing process and assist you. We handle submitting claims, processing payments, and dealing with denials. Along the way, we offer assistance and support from your side. Plus, we’ll even provide training for your staff to ensure a seamless transition.
Medical Billing Services Chicago Reporting


We keep you up to speed with frequent reports and updates regarding your billing performance. Our reports include vital key performance indicators (KPIs) such as days in accounts receivable, denial rate, and collection rate. Moreover, our experts offer valuable recommendations to enhance your overall performance.

Medical Billing Services Chicago Choose Us

Why Choose Shark MBS for Medical Billing Services Chicago?

Outsource to the best medical billing company in Chicago. Shark MBS is a reliable and effective partner that provides top-notch solutions. Our extensive experience and industry knowledge ensure maximum reimbursements and minimize denials. Let Shark MBS Streamline your billings. Here is what we offer:


  • Extensive knowledge of the healthcare industry and its evolving landscape
  • Staying current with regulations, billing codes, and industry best practices
  • Utilizing advanced software and tools for accuracy and efficiency
  • Efficiently optimizing billing operations to achieve tangible and quantifiable outcomes
  • Specially crafted solutions customized to meet your specific requirements and preferences
  • Collaborative approach and transparent communication throughout

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