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Efficient and Reliable Medical Billing Services New York

Discover the power of seamless medical billing processes with Shark MBS, your reliable partner in New York. We recognize healthcare providers’ intricate complexities and challenges when managing their revenue cycle. To address these hurdles, we provide comprehensive and tailored medical billing services New York that maximize your revenue while minimizing administrative burdens. At Shark MBS, we are a leading medical billing company based in New York. Our top priority is accuracy and efficiency in all our services. Our expert team maintains the latest billing codes and regulations to ensure seamless operations. With the help of robust software, we guarantee precise claims submission and diligent follow-up. Let us take care of essential tasks like payment posting, reconciliation, denial management, and patient billing for you. Our professional team secures prompt payments and minimizes denials. As a result, we ensure a smooth revenue cycle

Get credentialed and contracted with ease

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Discover Our Comprehensive Range of Services in New York

Shark MBS offers a diverse array of medical billing services in New York. Our specialized billing solutions cater to your specific requirements. Below is a breakdown of what we provide:
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Claims Submission and Follow-up

Our team of experts has extensive knowledge of the latest billing codes and regulations. With the help of robust software, we ensure that claim submissions are precise and efficient. At Shark MBS, we carefully monitor each claim to guarantee prompt payment and minimize denials.
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Payment Posting and Reconciliation

After thoroughly reviewing and processing your claims, we will proceed further. From payment posting to resolving discrepancies, we support you throughout the process. We provide in-depth regular reports that showcase your financial performance. Our goal is to allow you to focus on what truly matters while we manage all the aspects of payment administration.
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Denial Management and Appeals

At Shark MBS, we frequently come across denials. However, you don’t need to worry because we know how to handle them effectively. We identify reasons behind claim denials and craft a strategy to eliminate them in the future. Plus, we follow up on appeals to optimize your reimbursements.
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Patient Billing and Collections

Taking care of patient billing and collections can be overwhelming and time-consuming. However, our Medical Billing Services in New York aim to simplify this process. We handle all aspects of patient billing, from generating statements to follow-up on overdue accounts. Our goal is to provide efficient and accurate patient billing and collection.
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Credentialing and Contracting

We understand how important it is for healthcare providers to be part of insurance networks. Our team of experts is here to guide you through credentialing and contracting. We’ll ensure you have all the necessary credentials and contracts with the relevant insurance companies.
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Revenue Cycle Management

Ensuring the financial success of your practice is crucial. Our Medical Billing Services in New York assist you in optimizing your revenue cycle and achieving your financial goals. Our expert professionals take care of your entire revenue cycle. From patient registration to the final payment, we assist you in the whole process

Maximizing Financial Performance: Collaborative Medical Billing Companies in New York

As a leading medical billing company in New York, we manage revenue cycles collaboratively. We prioritize close collaboration with you to fully comprehend your distinct needs and financial goals. After identifying your requirements, we create a tailor-made plan to optimize your revenue while reducing administrative burdens. Our experts handle all aspects of medical billing, enabling you to concentrate on delivering exceptional patient care. At Shark MBS, we have a transparent and seamless billing process. Here is what our thorough process looks like:
Medical Billing Services New York Consultation


Our billing process starts with a thorough consultation to grasp the needs of your practice. During this discussion, we will review your current billing procedures and identify any challenges or opportunities for improvement.
Medical Billing Services New York Analysis


Our team of experts carefully examines your current billing process. We pinpoint areas that may be affecting your revenue cycle. Utilizing our robust software, we thoroughly identify errors or inefficiencies with precision. Additionally, we evaluate your revenue cycle performance to find valuable opportunities for enhancement.
Medical Billing Services New York Customization


After thoroughly analyzing your data, we craft a tailored plan to cater to your needs and goals. We design our strategy to enhance your revenue cycle efficiency by implementing new software, streamlining workflows, and introducing other optimizations. We’re here to help you achieve your business objectives and ensure a seamless process for your success.
Medical Billing Services New York Implementation


We take care of the implementation process and manage all aspects of medical billing on your behalf. Our expert professionals handle various tasks such as claims submission, payment posting, denial management, and patient billing.
Medical Billing Services New York Reporting


We keep you in the loop with regular reports and updates on your billing performance. Our reports cover all the essential metrics, like days in accounts receivable, denial rate, and collection rate. Our team provides tailor-made recommendations for improvement based on our thorough analysis.
Medical Billing Services New York Choose Us

Why Choose Shark MBS for Medical Billing Services in New York?

Outsource your billing to the best medical billing company in NY. And experience the following benefits:


  • Experienced medical billing experts in the healthcare industry
  • Stay informed about the most recent regulations and industry best practices 
  • Leveraging state-of-the-art software and tools for accuracy, efficiency, and security
  • Focus on streamlining operations and achieving outstanding outcomes
  • Provide customized solutions that perfectly align with your specific objectives.
  • Close collaboration to understand requirements and design a revenue-maximizing plan
  • Transparency with regular reports and updates on billing performance
  • Empowering informed decision-making based on real-time data

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